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Slip about Sleep | Relatable Post | Life Memer

So, Guys today’s blog post is all about the God’s Gift which is SLEEP, I’m not sure about anybody else but I’m the kind of person who will always choose sleep over anything in life.

So let me first start with the greatness of a sleep, I got high before writing this blog because I didn’t even have a single word in my mouth to express my love towards a sleep and the thing I like the most about a sleep is the passing time. Think this my way okay, I’m an introvert type of person so I specially cancel all my important plans and I also have guts to cancel the plan of my Best Friend’s Birthday Party the only major day of the year in which my Best Friend is actually going to pay the major portion of the bill and I’ve done that by making a simple excuse which was “Bro, I can’t come to your party bro because there’s my other friend and he is in the hospital and i have to meet him before his operation”, and literally with no regrets at all and just imagine that in between the sleep you don’t have to deal with any kind of person, problem or bad thoughts and the plus point is the DREAM, if you’re having a dream it is like watch a movie for free and there’s no selection totally random and you’re the star of your own dream.

But it is all different in the case of an extrovert. An extrovert is kind of person who’s going to wake up and the first words are not going to be ‘Good Morning’ type at all the actual words are going to be “Human, Please someone get me a human, anyone like of any gender, color, religion etc, I just want to hang out with someone” and these people are so annoying first of all they are the one who force you to dance at parties. They are so loud, talkative and irritating and sometimes when you loose your shit just straight go on attacking mode like “Shut the fuck up!, i don’t want to talk to you, i don’t want to hangout with so don’t force me you little over energetic asshole” but this will not affect them at all like they will reply something like this “Oh Okay, I’ll call you later”. That’s why I kind of like my life simple-not-sober, but they won’t let you live like this, well i don’t know about any other but as far as i know here India especially in boys groups if he is your friend then even if he is your just friend like not even your close friend he’ll without any shame kind of start involving in your life without even your permission and you cannot even say straight no to them because you’re just too kind!. But i struggle for sleep and i know a lot of people who does that too, i can understand and feel their struggle it’s like a journey like you wake up and you’re like always feeling sad for not getting more sleep and then you intake some tea, coffee or anything then you start finishing your daily tasks and then there’s an opportunity to get a 3 or 2 hours sleep but that is rare case because that is time where an extrovert is in his deadly version like a werewolf at the time of full moon so your fight for it sometimes you get that opportunity and sometimes you just have to deal with them then again you start completing your tasks and then in India you have to go through a lecture of mom and dad at the end of day in which they just want you to study at night and after studies when you’re almost passed away you finally have that sleep but there are some chances that you might have to deal with your depression and anxiety but after that you’ll finally get to sleep the most peaceful feeling enters in your mind and start getting high and you just relax, relax and relax.

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